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PLANT OFFICE is built on the premise that art, design, collaboration, and education are powerful tools for shaping and supporting the community around us. We celebrate ephemeralities, the specifics of time and place, and chance.

Though most visibly a florist, PLANT OFFICE is ultimately a client-driven design firm, using our skills and experience to realize visions, create memorable experiences, and provide context across scales, mediums, and venues. Trust, quality, and reliability are the tenets of our business, and what we look for in our clients as well.

In Spring 2019, Plant Office opened up a houseplant and dried goods store in Portland’s East End. A ever-changing selection of curated plants, local pottery, dried wreaths, and other botanical goods await our visitors. Check our Shop page for up to date information.

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About John Sundling

I’m as surprised as anyone to end up a florist, though it is just the latest medium in a life full of art and design. My professional life began in set design for theatre, working in Chicago, New York, Santa Fe, New Haven, Maine, and beyond. This is where my love of collaboration comes from.

In an attempt to realign myself and my practice, we moved to Maine in 2010. Soon after I was washing buckets at a flower shop, and about the same time found myself in the woods creating my first art installations. I struggled for a long time with my identity: am I an artist? Florist? Designer? But as the years have passed I realize that I am only myself, and that I love all these things equally, and that my advantage is being able to combine these together. 

My other pride-and-joy is Institute for American Art, an itinerant art museum-style project that I run with my husband, Chris Stiegler.

To get a full scope of my career, check out my CV.

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Event Design

Full service florals, installations, and beyond for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. No project is too small or big, and a priority is put on the unique and exquisite.

Weekly Floral Service

We regularly provide fresh flowers for restaurants, hotels, and residences. We strive to provide the highest quality flowers, pairing them with on-brand design to ensure our work elevates your goals, not distracts from them.

Planters, Patios, and Plantscapes

Living plants go leaf-in-hand with floral design. Allow our vision to escape the confines of your space and spill out onto the sidewalk and landscape. 


We are nothing without our forebears and it is our duty to share skills, knowledge, and experience with those around us. Offering one-on-one mentoring, floral education, and on-demand workshops supports our commitment to education, and helps build vital community networks that enrich our world.


Flowers and plants bring life and vibrancy to any shoot or launch event. How do botanicals help tell your story?



Set Design & Construction

We work in collaboration with a production team to dream-up and realize complete worlds for live & filmed theatre, opera, movies, and commercials. Building most of our sets in-house allow for creative control, and to spend time with these worlds in a way that leads towards more responsive and exciting products. 

Art & Installation

This is the most personal aspect of PLANT OFFICE. Usually presented under John’s name, the goal of these pieces are to spend time with places and materials, ensuring an intimate relationship with time & place. Often outdoor, large-scaled, and temporary, we welcome chance and history to weigh in on our work. The best part of any piece is watching it live and change after the creation is complete. 

Custom Design & Build Projects

These projects are the unexpected ones. We love when a customer approaches us create something to support their goals. Whether fake, acid-free mattresses for a historic home, or custom arbors for weddings, or build-outs of studios and businesses, we apply the same care to all scenarios. 

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Clients, Collaborators, & Community

Hugo’s Restaurant
Portland Museum of Art
Portland Post-Production
Eventide Oyster Co.
Drifter’s Wife

le.mrrl ceramics
Victorian Mansion
Công Tử Bột
The Honey Paw
Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Broadturn Farm
Snell Family Farm
Mad Horse Theatre
Blue Spoon Restaurant
Étain Boutique