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John Sundling

An American Dream Opera

Who: Jack Perla (composer), Jessica Murphy Moo (librettist), Richard Gammon (director), John Sundling (set design & construction), Iain Oldin (lighting design)

Where: St. Lawrence Arts, Deertrees Theater, & The Temple at Ocean Park, Maine

Year: 2017

Materials: travelling set, printed scrim & banner, old things, hinamatsuri doll, fake barbed wire

Collaborating with Richard on this contemporary American opera was very moving and informative. Centered around two families fated together by World War Two, it deals with immigration, racism, family, and secrets. A house is the pivot point of the story so we focused on the iconic nature of the house frame, bringing in a few delicate touches from Noh theaters, some simple furnishings, and a few printed fabric pieces. This set was also designed to travel, and played at 3 venues over 4 shows.

Photography by Martha Mickles and John Sundling