Plant Office
John Sundling
_Adam+Kini Full Wedding-315.jpg

Fall Wedding at Ocean Gateway Terminal

Who: Kini & Adam

Where: Ocean Gateway, Portland, Maine

Year: 2017

Materials: local dahlias, eucalyptus, mums, & foraged materials with roses, ranunculus, olive, weigela, dianthus, achellium

Kini & Adam had a chic late afternoon-into-evening wedding. They wanted an informal setting that reflected the season, but without being too cliche. Kini’s grandma’s milk vase grounded all the table pieces while a Plant Office arbor, hung with sheer peach curtains and floral sprays, stood framing a view of Casco Bay. The last detail added was the addition of an heirloom watch around the bridal bouquet. It’s the little touches…

Photography by Justin McCallum and John Sundling