Plant Office
John Sundling

Ghost Fence

Who: Commissioned by TEMPOart

Where: Median of Franklin Street at Congress Street, Portland, Maine

Year: 2017

Material: Flaggers’ Tape, Wood Stakes, Plastic Tarp, Staples, Franklin Arterial

Ghost Fence was installed on the approximate original fence line of Lincoln Park in the physical center of Portland’s peninsula. Franklin Street was widened during urban renewal efforts in the mid 20th-century, cutting off a quarter of the park’s land. The original fence was moved a block south to its present location, awkwardly capping off the severed end of the green space. Ghost Fence was a chance for me to understand the scale of what was lost in the neighborhoods around the park, and to help place this story in the historic footprint of this city. While doing that I helped facilitate conversations around this evolving space during a controversial period its history.

Photography by Justin Levesque and John Sundling.