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Jeff + Rachel's Wedding at a Private Home in Worcester, July 2018

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I met Rachel and Jeff selling weirdo wreaths at Tandem Bakery in the winter of 2017. They asked for a card, mentioned an upcoming wedding, and wandered away. Meeting them back at Tandem a few months later to discuss their flowers, I quickly realized this wasn’t going to be a typical process. They’re young, with good style & a sense of humor. The challenge was set: something they hadn’t seen before. But, with this being a wedding at Rachel’s family English Tudor Revival style home in Worcester, Massachusetts, we agreed that romance needed to meet funky, contemporary design.

Probably the most unusual, and useful, aspect of this job was working on-site for the days leading up to the event. We were commissioned to flower every room of the house, including bathrooms, and to help transform the outside in to the backdrop for a beautiful day with friends and family. The family went so far as to regrade a section of the property for the tent. I, along with Kelsey & Kate, worked in the cool basement, ferrying arrangements up as soon as they were made. It was important to Rachel + Jeff that the flowers be local, but also represent both their Maine home and Massachusetts roots. Maine flowers from Snell Family Farm in Bar Mills travelled south with me, and were joined by blossoms from Fivefork Farms in Upton, Massachusetts, with a sprinkling of tropicals from the New England Flower Exchange thrown in for fun.

Rachel gave us full control of her bridal bouquet, but freedom can be intimidating. I took a few tries balancing the shockingly green anthurium with the vibrant purple bromeliad, but thankfully dahlias and monarda were up to the challenge. Thankfully, Alanna from Alanna Claire Events was on hand to chat and critique during an evening bouquet session. The coordinating boutonnieres are perhaps some of my favorites this season, with crespedia, nigella, helichrysum, bromeliad, all tied neatly with leather cord.

The design has three major highlights for me: the flower mobile, a vining ceremony install, and the stair hall. The mobile had a 14-foot wingspan, and delicately bobbed around twelve-feet overhead through the night. It was one of the most challenging installs yet, and probably the most finicky. Finding balance is hard in many ways, but this project proved it was worth it. Can’t wait to try out this look again sometime with the knowledge I gained.

The formal entrance to the family’s house was the backdrop to their ceremony. The carved wood door, the decorative brick, and wrought-iron details provided me with a rich background for blossoms and branches. The mechanics of the set-up were minimally invasive, using only existing points on the structure to secure everything. I loved the pops of color provided by the roses, anthurium, amaranth, and tropical foliage and blooms rounded out the look.

Ever sense I saw the floral staircase from a Downton Abbey wedding I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this. The entrance stair hall is so elegant, with its wood panelling and switchback stair. A meadow of greenery and a cascade of anthurium set the scene in the central core of the hall. I made this in floral foam, but if I were to go back I would change that out for vases and other mechanics.

Other details include floral globes on tripods throughout the yard, tropical foliage table runners, and a fun flower and light install for the dance floor. These awesome photos were shared with us from Undressed Moments, with just a few pictures from our phones mixed in.

Thanks Jeff + Rachel for giving us the trust and support needed to bring such a unique event to life. Here’s to many happy years full of color and vibrancy and romance.

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